Classic Hits & Comedy! 

Richard & Deborah 

Well known for their shows on the Alberta Prairie Tourist Train at Stettler, AB!
Clean Comedy!
  Personalized Shows!    

    Side-splitting Laughter!
      Guaranteed Crowd Pleaser!
Over 8000 Career Performances!


"We've been working with Richard and Deborah for 30 years and would without hesitation recommend their entertainment shows. They are gifted and accomplished stage performers and musicians. 

Without exception, our guests are enthralled and fully engaged with Richard and Deborah."

R.C. (Bob) Willis - General Manager

“Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions” Stettler, AB. T0C 2L0



Richard and Deborah combine non-offensive comedy with classic songs,

sure to please a wide range of ages and musical tastes, suitable for all occasions like:

• Community Events 

• Fundraisers 

• Volunteer Appreciation Events 

• Agricultural Society Functions

• Customer Appreciation Events

• Ladies Nights Out 

• Fairs & Exhibitions 

• Dinner Theatre Shows (show only) 

• Company & Staff Parties

• Anniversaries & Birthdays etc. 

• Nostalgic Shows for Senior's Lodges, Hospitals and Long Term Care Facilities



Richard and Deborah Popovich head shot.j

Richard and Deborah have enjoyed a long and successful career
having performed over 8000 shows to date.  

Read more about Richard and Deborah, click here  



"This Multimedia show is as good as it gets!  The giant screen with impressive multimedia video and slides adds much to the already outstanding, professional presentation!  You have to see it to believe it!"

Jim Hahn - Fundraiser & Event Coordinator

"Nordbridge Centre" Lethbridge, AB

“Alberta Prairie Railway has been working with Richard and Deborah Popovich for 30 years and would without hesitation recommend their entertainment services.  Their multi-media show featuring music from the 50's, 60's and 70's is outstanding and may well be the best show they have ever produced.  Without exception, our guests are enthralled and fully engaged with Richard and Deborah and their presentation of the upbeat and energetic early Rock'n Roll music they grew up with.” 

R.C. (Bob) Willis - General Manager

“Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions” Stettler, AB. T0C 2L0

"Our staff party was amazing thanks to Richard and Deborah.  They did a fabulous job keeping everyone entertained and laughing all evening.  Richard met our staff before the show and then amazed us all with his incredible  ability to remember and include 35+ audience members names in jokes and songs throughout the show!  Richard and Deborah are fantastic and we highly recommend them for any event!"

Leo and Carol Beart

"Lorac Construction Ltd."


“We thoroughly enjoyed Richard and Deborah’s Multi-Media Variety Show.  The theatre sized screen totally enhances what these two exceptionally talented artists do onstage. The whole production is fantastic. Whether it’s amazing scenes pertaining to the songs they sing, or the comedy pictures to enhance Richard's unique jokes...IT’S A BLAST! The best part though is watching Richard & Deborah put on a show that keeps the audience engaged.” 

Steve & Lucille Bohme

“Lucille’s Photography”

“Everyone was overjoyed with Richard and Deborah's Multimedia Show.  The huge screen is amazing and the HD image quality is fantastic!  We're all looking forward to bringing back the Multimedia Show to Wildwood again in the future."

Mary Anderson - President

“Wildwood Community Association”

“Our Agricultural Societies have had Richard and Deborah entertain us for years, and their Multimedia Projection Show is absolutely amazing! With their big screen and HD laser projector, wonderful vocals and harmonies, instrumentals and special effects, no one should miss this great program!”

Gwen Renouf

“Arts Touring Alliance of AB. Rep.”

“Crossroads & Elnora Ag. Societies”


Judy Dreeshen

“Crossroads & Elnora Ag. Societies”


HD Multimedia Variety Show



Richard and Deborah perform in front of a 25-foot theatre sized projection screen filled with dynamic high definition motion backgrounds, stills and videos which are all in sync with the songs they perform.  This technology is normally only seen in stadium type concert venues and you can book this show for your event!

A two-hour show, sure to please everyone with a mix of classic songs from famous eras, clean comedy and audience interaction. 


Information you provide about your group will enable Richard and Deborah to "personalize" the show.  As well as that personalization, Richard's ability to remember and use 40+ names of people present in the audience during the show will delight and amaze everyone. 

*Pictured on the poster are 4 slides taken from hundreds more you will see in this dynamic show!

This "Multimedia Variety Show" is perfect for any Theatre, Corporate Function, Fund Raiser, Community Hall Event, Company and/or Staff Party, Customer or Volunteer Appreciation Celebration and any large audience.

For more info, call  403-886-2402

or email.


O. T. Rock'n Roll Comedy Show

"50's 60's 70's ROCK'n ROLL SHOW"


Nothing gets a party rockin' faster than hits from the 50's 60's & 70's.

That musical era has stood the test of time and is energetic and infectious!

Audience reaction is a blast as Richard goes into the crowd to stir up some fun!

His ability to use people's names during the show will transform the evening into a truly personalized event. 


This show is also available with the Multimedia Projection system.

For more info, call 403-886-2402

or email.


Classic Country Comedy Show



Classic country songs and laughter are the primary focus of this show.

There’s fun for everyone with famous songs, jokes and impressions, plus audience interaction.

Imagine the crowd howling like coyotes and that’s only 10 minutes into the show!

Richard's ability to use so many audience members names during the show will delight and amaze the audience.

This show is also available with the Multimedia Projection system.

For more info, call 403-886-2402

or email.



If you would like to host an affordable "up close & personal" house/lawn party

for your family and friends or staff, call us for a quote and information.  


  • 1 - 2 hour show 

  • Fun & Inclusive

  •  Interactive


Perfect for a get-together at your home!

  •  House Concert

  • Outdoor Lawn Party

  • Birthday

  • Anniversary

  • Staff Party


Richard & Deborah will be part of the party, mixing and mingling!

And then.............the show starts and Richard will know everyone's  name!

Richard & Deborah's Videos

Richard & Deborah's Videos

Watch Now



A Blast From The Past



A nostalgic look at the Popovich Family Singers performing as children in 1990 as part of the Stettler Grandstand Show, and then again as adults, entertaining a crowd of 1800 people in Red Deer, AB.


Richard and Deborah have always strived to offer shows that are unique.


"100 Years of Music" was a musical review taking audience members back through the eras of Rock and Roll and Country music history.


  Supported by comedy sketches, costume changes, stage effects, and audience interaction, Richard and Deborah provided samples of some of the biggest hits in modern history and gave their audiences a "trip back in time" through those memories. 


The show evolved constantly over its 23 year run and provided a breakthrough success for Richard and Deborah's career. 


Many of the songs and personalities featured in "100 Years of Music" provided inspiration for their current shows.